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Abalimi, Harvest of Hope is about food security for all.

Focused on feeding our children, Harvest of Hope has partnered with three schools and a local library in nearby townships to provide fresh and healthy vegetables purchased by donors. This two-fold gift supports a farmer and feeds a child.

We have a strict no-waste policy and make sure no carrot goes uneaten. To learn more or suggest a partner recipent please email us at harvestofhope@abalimi.org.za

How it Works:
Purchase a bag for one of our charity locations and we will pack and deliver for you! Going on holiday? We can change the drop off location to our charity locations for a week or two then switch it back to your location when you return!
We pack and deliver each week the same high quality vegetables you and your family enjoy.

Vegetable Recipients:
Dalukhanyo Pre-School and Primary in Langa
More on The Dalukhanyo Project

Safe House/After school care in Hanover Park
(no information provided for safety of recipients)

Philippi Village Community Libary - Children's Programmes
More on the new library here

From all of us at Harvest of Hope, thank you for ensuring children in townships are eating a healthy meal!

Sponsor a school or soup kitchen. Purchase a bag for donation and we will take care of the rest!

Dalukhanyo School

Since October 2011 our Langa Township Pre-School, Trust has been purchasing weekly boxes of vegetables from the Harvest of Hope project. These go to the Dalukhanyo Pre-School and latterly to the Nomonde Pre-School, respectively 10 and 5 boxes weekly. This gives nutritious food to 240 children. One cook has said that some children come to school with signs of malnutrition but six weeks of her vegetable soups sorts this out. We think it is very special that what we pay helps micro-farmers and their families in the townships and that the cash they earn, in spending it, can have a multiplier effect within the local economy. We regard paying for these vegetables as the top priority in our annual budget for use of income we raise from Friends of the Trust in the UK. For more information please refer to www.langapreschooltrust.uk

Gordon Gaddes, Chairman

Talking to our new neighbours at Philippi Village, we discovered that children are utilising the new facilities each day at the Philippi library. This is great! However, we also heard from the librarians that the children come and spend all day at the library without lunch or dinner. Worried about the children being able to learn we decided we need a partnership. The library will continue to feed their minds hungry for more while we help feed their bellies. While we wish we could give away more veggies (and many of our farmers do), we need sponsorship of vegetables too. Please help us, help the librarians, feed local children. We know that these are the healthiest and most loved veggies in town.

Rachel, Harvest of Hope

Philippi Library, Children's Programmes

Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo