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HoH, for me, is a way of staying connected. It's a way of being part of a full circle that nourishes all involved: resources, business and funds for farmers; food and a sense of community for buyers; and an example of real sustainable upliftment for our country. A yummy bag of fresh veg is actually a pretty powerful thing.

Jenna – Long Time Member and Local Champ

Harvest of Hope

I have been getting a veggie box for over three years now from Harvest of Hope. I am never disappointed in the quality or variety of veggies in my medium bag. I especially love the fresh eggs, and the fresh herbs, spices and extra goodies as a surprise from time to time. The newsletter is very informative not only on how to use my veg box, but also gives me insight to the wonderful local farmers and staff behind harvest of hope.

I love that this box helps us to eat cleanly, seasonally, locally and ethically!

Britt – Springfield member, 3 years

One of the highlights of the week at The HealingTree is when the Harvest of Hope boxes and bags arrive on a Tuesday afternoon. The shop is filled the the smell of fresh vegetables and herbs and customers always comment on how wonderful it smells, it is the easiest time to get someone new to sign up!
I never know what we are getting so I am always excited to see what delicious super fresh produce is in my bag for the week. I immediately start to think of what I am going to make with the produce and am happy to help those collecting their bag to give them some recipe ideas and mention the free recipe included.

Everything is so fresh if I don’t get to use everything in my box on meat-free Mondays I always make a big Italian vegetable stew where I use up whatever is left over. So come Tuesday I have an empty fridge waiting for my new HoH veggies!

HoH is the best box organic scheme in Cape Town, the money goes straight back to the farmers who grow the vegetables. This can provide a real income for them and they get to eat out of their own beautiful gardens.

Nicola – Sea Point member and Local Champ

Since I have started ordering from HoH I am eating more vegetables and my diet has improved.
The vegetables that are delivered are always fresh, and very flavour-ful. The bag size is perfect for my little family of 4.
The selection is also exciting as it forces me to be more creative in the kitchen - receiving fresh lemons, fennel, nutmeg spices, sweet potatoes, etc etc…

I always look forward to Tuesdays when I know I will be receiving my new vegetables from HoH, and I am supporting a wonderful cause.

Best regards, Shona, Member

I have to buy vegetables, so I might as well buy it from local, small-scale farmers!

The HoH vegetables are great. It was an adjustment though. We are not used to eating seasonally, everything is available in the supermarket. It made me realise how out of touch we are with the rhythms of nature. It taught me to appreciate different vegetables at different times of the year, and it tastes better when in season anyway.

Thank you HoH farmers and team!

Melissa – Member for many years, Obs

Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo