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Special Announcement for Harvest of Hope Members

Changing Lives, One Farmer at a Time

Dear Harvest of Hope Members,

Thank you for your continued support of our farmers through your purchase of a Harvest of Hope vegetables. We will not beat around the bush (we use them as windbreaks). Our announcement today is about a price increase that will take effect as of 1 August 2016.
Small bags: R 120 per week. Still 8 items for 1-2 people
Medium boxes: R 160 per week. They will be delivered in a new box with 6 eggs every week, a total of 10 items at larger quantities for a family or vegetarians, about 3-4 people.

This is not just a price increase, it’s a buy increase too. We will be buying from our farmers at a fair market rate which will necessitate a price increase to the bags. But we think you will be excited just like us, keep reading.

We have good news to report and hope that you will think so too:
Our farmers are producing more than ever thanks to your support. HoH farmers earn collectively about R 100,000 per month!
We survived a massive drought and overall everyone still increased production harvesting 2,000 kgs more each month than the previous year.
Our Young Farmer Training Centre will start harvesting their own vegetables soon supporting young farmers in their efforts to learn organic farming! Vegetables harvested there will be funding education of the next generation of farmers.
Our goal is to increase boxes and bring on more farmers as we increase our service of urban farmers and community gardens.

This process and how we began: We started with the farmer, the last “buy” price was set in October 2014, our farmers were in need of an updated. We looked at the vegetables they are growing, the risk per vegetable, and market prices. Abalimi supports farmers with distribution and packaging so we took that into account, but ultimately focused on the value of their organic vegetables in today’s Cape Town market.

Our market analysis took us all over Cape Town (literally). We ultimately aimed to be below your grocery store prices like Pick n Pay and even Woolies. Of course we know that we are producing a better quality product but our members allow for flexibility in the variety so we came to a compromise as much as possible. We also looked at other box schemes, we want to be competitive and know you have other options. We are just below those as well in price! Lastly, we compared the size and quantity of our vegetables in the bags, we are offering more vegetables in larger quantities. We want you to eat more veggies so we left the larger quantities as is.


HoH Farmers are organic – This means our farmers are producing smaller quantities per season overall compared to your chemical and pesticide dependent farmers. Our farmers are at a higher risk of drought, pest, and birds! Organic produce is just so much better for you, the farmer, and our environment.

In the future we hope to do a smaller increase each April. This will help our farmers keep up with the market and not shock the system every two years when the price increases dramatically. We will as always be working on quality and variety.

Packaging: All our values center around food security and environmentally friendly practices. This year we introduced biodegradable bags from GreenHome, we appreciate your patience especially in the rainy season. We have been long time users of starch bags from Good for the Ground biodegradable packaging. These factors have not been considered in old pricing structures and we hope that in including them in our costs we are building a more stable business for the future. Also good news… We will be introducing sturdier bags (now) and boxes (with the price increase) for mediums! The boxes have been custom designed just for our needs (one time use for food safety but recyclable). The boxes are recyclable, great for composting, but sadly keeping food safety as a concern we cannot re-use them.

Eggs: Yes, they will be coming back and in an effort to have a better partnership with the farmer we will add them every week in the mediums. This will help with our vegan members to select smalls, our egg lovers who can have every week, and the chickens who won’t have to hold it for a week! If you love free ranging healthy chickens and super fresh eggs, please upgrade to the medium size!

Thank you!
Most importantly, thank you!
Your purchase changes lives, reshapes communities, literally greens Cape Town.
Thank you for opening your bag of surprises each week with an open mind and imagination.
Thank you for learning how to cook seasonally with us, we know it isn’t always easy but the reward is tenfold.
Thank you for being the reason our farmers get up in the morning!
There is truly nothing else like Abalimi’s Harvest of Hope because it is fostered and grown through memberships of people who truly support local farming.
If you have never considered yourself a pioneer, you are to us.

Farmer Focused Together,

Harvest of Hope Farmers and Team


Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
Harvest of Hope Logo
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Harvest of Hope Logo
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